Let's Be Artsy

I do music sometimes

If you like good music, let's explore some tracks I created, sometimes with friends. Nothing serious here, but some stuff I would like to share.

Goodbye my little sunshine


Valentine's day


Concerto on clarinet & hangdrum

Drums session


Just chilling

Some other interesting tracks even if not finished nor mastered.

Suspense movie trailer

Melancholy walk

¿Que pasa le paso?

Ghost whisperer

8bit submarine

Out of space

The plugin crashes my mind

Deep vibes

We are here to have fun

Bloody cauliflower

... and many others.

I also like pictures

Do you know Photoshop?

Sanders, you again?
3 years ago
First come first served
4 years ago
Ich bin ein Berliner
4 years ago
Pillow challenge
4 years ago
I will come back for you
4 years ago
Leonardo da Vincent
4 years ago
Feeling nostalgic
4 years ago
I promise you should hire me
4 years ago
Carla Delevincent
5 years ago
Sorry Jojo but I had to
5 years ago
Thanks guys for this amazing party
5 years ago
Hi Colonel Sanders
4 years ago
Sh*t up and take my money
5 years ago
Amsterdam Light Festival
5 years ago
Relaxing on the beach
6 years ago
The Queen's Gambit
6 years ago
In my jacuzzi, in your jealousy
6 years ago
Branded photoshooting
6 years ago
Chilling with my friends
4 years ago

To be fully honest, I grew up with the idea to become drawer, but for some reason I lost the creations I was the most proud of, mainly hand-drawn landscapes using perspective and shadows, so I decided to stop this activity. Here are some draws I found in the attic from my childhood.

Waling in the street
12 years ago
View from my window
13 years ago
The Cabin in the Woods
18 years ago
Holiday memories
19 years ago
Home sweet home
20 years ago
Take me home
20 years ago